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  • Large Car Scents

Large Car Scents

Large Car Scents

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Angel Wings
Pink Sugar
Gypsy Smoke
Naked Cowboy
Butt Naked
Southern Charm
Suit & Tie
Beach Bum
Unicorn Kisses
Sun Goddess
Prickly Pear
The Grinch
High Maintenance


We are the Original Scent Gypsy and take pride in each and every piece we make! These uniquely handcrafted air fresheners can be used in your car, closet, bathroom or whatever small space you see fit. They should last 2-3 months;) Cheers!

Bringing a little love and creativity back into this world one air freshener at a time. Handcrafted in Texas, they make great gifts, party favors or just a little something extra to brighten your day.
Find the scent that soothes the Gypsy inside of you today!

General Information:
We proudly mix many of our own fragrances including: Angel Wings, Christmas Cheer, Cowpoke, Drunken Indian, Gypsy Smoke, HoHoHo, Naked Cowboy, Outlaw, Rawhide, Southern Charm, Twilight, & Unicorn Kisses. And are the original makers of our unique Copenhagen Lids, Beer Bottles, Cancer Awareness Ribbons.

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